Kurilian Bobtail and Sacred of Burma Cattery
Our birman cattery was born in 2008 from Diego’s desire to undertake a new experience different from the past Golden Rock which he lived with another person.
Some of the Golden Rock cats remained with us, which allows us to continue the breeding work already started by Diego and to improve it with new bloodlines from the most prestigious European catteries.

The excellent work done over the years makes makes the look of all the cats, Golden Rock first and Sacro & Profano now, very specific and recognizable.

Our breeding philosophy doesn’t purse the “perfect beauty” at all costs, but we prefer to pay attention at cat’s health first.

All our cats live at home with us and enjoying our family life… sleeping on sofas and beds. They have many scratching trees and fun place to play and recover their claws. Our house is cat friendly… There are terraces where to sunbathe and watch birds safely, shelves all around the walls and ladders or funny cat tree to reach the floor from them… so, our home is a real “cat-house.